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Custom made Orthotics

Healthy well aligned feet are the key to your overall postural health. Abnormalities from over pronation or supination, dropped arces may produce or aggravate symptom of foot, knee or back pain. Remember that balanced support keeps your body in alignment.

Orthotics may be advised after a medical examination and explanation as to the possible relationship of your symptoms and you feet. If Insurance requirements allow a digital foot scan may be performed. It is quick, safe and painless and will give you vital information about your feet. Most Insurers, however require casting to be used to produce the Orthotic and once again this is painless and simple. The feet are casted in the Kinetics clinic and sent to an off-site lab. which then allows a suitably trained Orthotocist to fabricate a Custom Orthotic

By the age of 20 nearly 80% of us have some sort of foot imbalance and by 40 nearly everyone does.  These imbalances can cause problems all the way up your spine and affect knees and hips etc. Once your feet lose elasticity and arches drop, you need an Orthotic to provide the support and balance your arches can no longer give. Other conditions such as Patello-femoral syndrome, shin splints, ITB syndrome, low back pain etc. may all be caused by foot imbalances and helped by a Custom made Orthotics.

Obviously an appropriate history and alignment examination is needed to see if you may benefit from Orthotics. If during the assessment a leg length discrepancy is noted then a leg length X ray will be arranged to identify accurately the magnitude and this problem and an appropriate lift may be prescribed. Follow up assessments may be arranged to ensure the orthotic is reducing the symptoms.