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Custom and Non Custom Braces

Braces are used to frequently support an unstable joint particularly the knee and ankle, but other joints can also be braced e.g. elbow, wrist, etc.  Joint instability often occurs due to acute or chronic trauma.  In the case of acute trauma the ligament may be torn, which will then result in looseness or instability of the joint.  This is often associated with a tendency for the joint to give way often exacerbating the cycle of injury and reinjury, and over a period of time leading to more and more joint instability.  Chronic overstressing of specific ligaments such as repetitive movement may also create chronic ligament laxity and joint instability. Joints showing moderate to severe osteoarthritic changes are frequently associated with a degree of collapse of the joint, which then creates a situation where the ligaments are too loose to stabilize the joint , resulting in the feeling of instability.  Providing support  to the joint with the use of a brace may offer significant benefits with improved mobility and greater confidence that the joint will not give way and increase the likelihood of a fall and further trauma.

Braces should only be prescribed with an understanding of the purpose for which the braces being recommended and a diagnosis and nature of the problem being treated as well as the expected benefits.

Some braces retail relatively cheaply but others particularly of custom made may be fairly expensive.  Luckily many Extended Health Plans may cover the cost of a brace.  Some Insurance Companies may require pre-approval and if this is the case then the required documentation can be provided.

Your kinetics practitioner will be able to advise if a brace is appropriate.