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Pain (Nerve) Blocks

Pain or Nerve Blocks are presently not performed by Dr. Bright.  However referral can be made to other physicians providing the services.  Nerve blocks involve the injection of local anesthetics, with or without Cortisone. The injections are often given very close to the spine usually at points where nerves exit. They can also be given to block pain coming from within the spine and are referred to as Epidurals or Caudals. Peripheral nerves, for example the suprascapular nerve which supplies the shoulder can also be blocked.

The injections are most often reserved for chronic pain, usually in situations which have defied other treatment modalities They often need to be repeated. Blocking the nerve reduces it's sensitivity and alters pain perception usually for days, sometimes weeks or even months. Reducing pain improves overall wellbeing, mobility and function.

Dr. Bright frequently recommends caudal epidurals for treatment of back painbut again you would need to be referred to another healthcare provider.. In this procedure a needle is introduced via a small hole at the base of the spine known as the sacral hiatus. The needle is advanced a short distance and the injection given.

These procedures are very safe but as with all medical procedures carries a small element of risk. If you are a candidate for any of the procedure the benefits versus risks should be discussed in detail with you by the attending physician and you will have the opportunity of having any questions or concerns addressed.

These proceedures can also be used in acute pain or even to help to better diagnose the source of pain and allow more rational treatment.