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Neural Therapy

What is Neural Therapy?

Neural Therapy is a treatment performed by Dr. Bright and based on the believe that scars both superficial and deep may set up blockages to the flow of energy throughout the body. These blockages are referred to as an Interference Field (IF). The resulting IF disturbs normal physiological or mechanical function. Symptoms develop, often leading to chronic and frequent Doctor and Hospital visits. Usually vague diagnoses may be provided but the true cause is often overlooked. Doctors trained in Neural Therapy use local anaesthetics, usually Procaine which is injected into the scars to reduce and abolish the IF. Once this has been achieved function normalises and symptoms abate.

It is believed that scars create an IF due to the trapping of tiny nerve endings in the scar. This creates a constant state of irritation to the nerve ending and results in the nerve firing impulses to the spinal cord and then to the brain. Pain may be referred to associated body segments or organs and causing disturbances sometimes in the organs and then setting the scene for other symptoms to occur. We refer to these interconnections between body organs and the skin as viscero-somatic or somato-visceral reflexes. It explains why a Heart attack may present with chest, neck, arm or even back pain.

Areas of chronic infection anywhere in the body may create IF's. Chronic dental infections or root canals are frequently major players and a search for IF's usually starts with the mouth, then surgical scars and so on.

The origin of Neural Therapy was discovered almost by accident. Two German Physician brothers were working on patients with Procaine. They were using this anaesthetic agent to treat various injuries. A lady had her frozen shoulder injected and reported on follow up that the shoulder was no better. However, she reported that a scar of many years duration on her leg had become very irritated post injection. The astute brothers then injected the scar and were amazed that the troublesome shoulder became instantly pain free. This is immediate effect is frequently observed in Neural Therapy when the IF is dealt with.

What conditions can Neural Therapy help?

The list of possible options would be too extensive to list, however it would be fair to say that the condition has to be associated with an identifiable Interference Field. As a generalisation we can say the follow holds true:

  • Disturbances of visceral(organ) function such as, bladder irritability, menstrual irregularity etc.
  • Chronic painfull conditions like tendonitis, bursitis, back pain, pelvic pain etc.
  • Chronic vague ill health for example chronic fatigue, chemical sensitivity etc.

Only Physicians are licensed in Ontario to perform Neural Therepy treatments.

Neural Therapy is not covered by OHIP.