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BOTOX is a novel therapeutic agent derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.Cosmetic Botox This bacterium produces a toxin and, when taken in large quantities, is primarily known for being the cause of botulism food poisoning.

Also known as botulinum toxin type A, the brand BOTOX is produced in strictly controlled laboratory conditions and given in extremely small therapeutic doses.  It is generally well-tolerated and effective treatment for many conditions associated with hyperactive muscle disorders.

BOTOX has proven effective in more than 15 years of clinical study and patient treatment, and is the most studied of all serotypes. Botulinum toxin type A is one of seven different serotypes of botulinum toxins (A,B,C,D,E,F,G). Each toxin has different properties and actions and no two are exactly alike.

Botox can be used both for cosmetic purposes and also, therapeutic purposes in treating for example, migraine headaches, posttraumatic headaches, etc.  Generally speaking most people know of its role in the cosmetic area, but are often not aware that it can be used for treatment of pain symptoms.  Botox therapeutic is now indicated for use in the treatment of chronic daily headaches which are defined as headaches occurring more than 15 days per month and lasting more than 4 hours at a time.  However, there are off label indications and Botox has been used in the treatment of osteoarthritis and tennis elbow to name just 2 indications but there are others. One must understand, however, that these are off label indications and although your insurance plan may cover the use of Botox for headaches.  They may decline coverage for off label indications.  They will also certainly decline treatment of a cosmetic nature.

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Botox Cosmetic(r) FAQ

Why should I get BOTOX Cosmetic® with Dr. Bright instead of another clinic?

Dr. Bright is a very experienced injector and has undergone training in the use of BOTOX Cosmetic®.  He has a very good understanding of the role of the facial muscles and an ability to customize the treatments to achieve the individual look each person wants.  Our goal is to give you the best in customer service and excellent treatment results.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the amount of BOTOX Cosmetic® that you require. A proper consultation with our clinic is required in order to determine what is right for you. Generally, the price ranges from $360 and up.

What are the side effects?

Side effects are very rare and are not permanent. Rarely, there can be a slight headache or some minor bruising which is easily covered up with makeup.

I don't want to look like a mask without expression - will that happen?

We ensure you get the look you want - as natural as you want.
Your needs & interests are discussed during your consultation to ensure you are happy with the results.

Does it hurt?

Most patients say it feels just like quick little pinches although everyone is different.  Our patients usually say, "Is that all?"

How quickly does it work?  Is it Permanent?

It can take up to 2 weeks for it to take full effect.  No - BOTOX Cosmetic® is not permanent.  It lasts between 3-4 months on average but everyone is different.

What can I expect during the treatment?

Generally, after the consultation, the procedure only takes up to 15 minutes.  It is injected with a very tiny needle.  It is so quick and safe that you can immediately return to your daily activities (and no one will know you have had it done!)

How does it work?

BOTOX Cosmetic® works by relaxing the muscles underneath the skin to create a smooth and refreshed appearance.

Isn't it poison? Isn't it botulism?

No, BOTOX Cosmetic® is NOT botulism and it will not cause food poisoning. Botulism is the name of an illness not the name of the product.
BOTOX Cosmetic® is a natural, purified protein. It is an approved prescription drug that is used in very tiny doses, creating a smoother, rejuvenated and more youthful appearance.

Is it Safe?

Yes! BOTOX Cosmetic® has been available for 20 years and has been used to treat many neuromuscular diseases.
In fact it is used in children as young as 2 yers. old to treat Cerebral Palsy and has been proven to be very safe through many years of extensive testing and research.

BOTOX Cosmetic® is an approved prescription drug used to treat patients for cosmetic wrinkles. In 2003 more than 2.2 million procedures were performed in the USA alone.

What is BOTOX Cosmetic®?

BOTOX Cosmetic® is a treatment for wrinkles such as frown lines, forehead wrinkles & crows feet.