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Prolotherapy Testimonials

                                                                                                                                                                                Oct. 14, 2013

Re: Prolotherapy and Treatment of Elbow Injury to Elite Baseball Player

Background: Alex Annear is an 18 yr old elite baseball player from Brantford Ont with a history of elbow pain.  Alex’s throwing speed is in excess of 90 mph which puts a tremendous strain on the ulnar collateral ligament and common flexor tendon of his right (throwing side) forearm.  Although he has been recommended for ulnar ligament replacement surgery by at least one orthopedic surgeon, Alex has been able to return to baseball activity and to avoid surgery due to the prolotherapy treatments he has received.

Diagnosis and Treatment History: On June 28, 2010 while pitching for the New Era Elite 14 and under Baseball team out of Buffalo NY, Alex heard a popping sound and experienced a stabbing pain in his right elbow.  Alex was diagnosed with medial epicondylitis and a partial tear to the ulnar collateral ligament of his right arm in July of 2010, a diagnosis which was confirmed by an MRI on July 4 of 2010.  About one month later Alex visited Dr. Bright of Kitchener Ont. for consultation and treatment. Dr. Bright examined Alex’s elbow thoroughly and recommended Prolotherapy along with Physiotherapy and Laser Therapy. Alex received 6 Prolotherapy shots between Aug of 2010 and April of 2011. In Nov of 2010 Alex had another MRI which showed that while there was still evidence of medial epicondylitis, the ligament had healed.  In April of 2011 Alex was examined by Dr. Jaydeep Moro, an orthopedic surgeon at St. Joseph’s hospital in Hamilton Ont.  The surgeon recommended elbow ligament replacement surgery at that time.  After receiving his last Prolotherapy treatment on Apr. 19, 2011, Alex went in for a follow up consultation with the same orthopedic surgeon on May 07, 2011.  Much to his surprise Dr. Moro determined that Alex no longer needed elbow ligament replacement surgery.  This diagnosis was confirmed by another orthopedic surgeon at McMaster University Hospital in Hamilton Ont. 

Return to Activity: Alex returned to full baseball activity in the second week of May as the shortstop for the New Era Elite 15 and under baseball team out of Buffalo NY.  Alex was injury free throughout the 2011  season and had an outstanding year, batting .407 while playing shortstop.  Alex went on to enjoy an outstanding 2011 fall season and 2012 summer season with the Toronto Mets 16 and under team, leading the Premier Baseball League of Ontario with a .406 batting average. 

Injury Reoccurs:  After taking a month and a half off from baseball activity during the months of November and December of 2012, Alex returned to strenuous throwing too quickly and reinjured his elbow while making throws from over 330 feet during a showcase event in Jacksonville Florida on Dec. 31, 2012.  Alex felt a stabbing pain in his elbow and had to cease all baseball activity.  After his return to Canada and a consultation with his family physician, Alex was referred to Dr. Bright in January of 2013.  On Jan. 28, 2013 Dr. Bright diagnosed Alex with a partial tear to his ulnar collateral ligament.  Alex received 3 Prolotherapy shots over the next month and also resumed Physiotherapy and Laser treatments.  Alex got an MRI on Feb. 20 which showed the UCL tear had healed.  Clinical tests by Dr. Bright in late February 2013 confirmed that there was no laxity in Alex’s right elbow joint.  However, after playing in a tournament in early March of 2013 in Fort Lauderdale Fla, Alex experienced pain in his right forearm near his elbow.  Dr. Bright diagnosed Alex with medial epicondylitis on Mar. 21, 2013 which was confirmed by an MRI on Apr. 26.   Alex received 3 more Prolotherapy shots to his right elbow during the month of April 2013.  On Aug. 1, 2013 after a thorough clinical examination of his elbow, Dr. Moro confirmed that Alex’s ligament and tendon had healed and told him that he does not require ulnar ligament replacement surgery.

Return to Activity: Alex made a gradual return to baseball activity during May and June of 2013 before resuming full activity in July of 2013.  Alex enjoyed an excellent 2013 season, leading his high school team to the city county championship and leading his local Brantford team with a .532 batting average.  Alex made the regional All Star team where he batted .400 in the Cannon Cup provincial All Star tournament. This fall Alex played shortstop for the Bullettproof Prospects Elite Baseball team.  He led the team in batting with a .400 average against college and university baseball teams from Canada and the US.  Alex is currently considering scholarship offers from several US colleges where he hopes to further his baseball career while studying environmental science. 

Conclusion: Alex would not have been able to play during the 2011 – 2013 seasons if not for the help of Dr. Bright and the Prolotherapy treatments he administered. 

Re: Low Back Injury and Prolotherapy in a Female Power Lifter

My treatment experience with Dr. Bright has been nothing short of a complete success. I have been competing in powerlifting for over four years. When preparing for the World Championships in 2011, I sustained a significant injury to my lower back.  After several weeks of various treatments such as chiropractic, active release techniques, acupuncture, and massage therapy, no progress was made and the injury seemed to be only getting worse.  At this point, I was desperate to find a solution as even the most basic day-to-day tasks were excruciating, let alone trying to get ready for an international competition. After researching last-resort treatment options, I came across Dr. Bright and his Prolotherapy treatment approach. I underwent three prolotherapy injection treatments and with each treatment, the pain gradually subsided until an eventual full recovery. I was able to resume training and compete at the world championships, squatting over 350 lbs. Three years later, the treatment and recovery has prevailed. In fact, I have since received prolotherapy treatments from Dr. Bright for a persisting shoulder injury and the recovery is once again, going very well.”

Mary Ann Kaczor - Two-time Canadian Powerlifting Champion

Re: Prolotherapy in a Body Building Firefighter

After accidents in the gym and several months of severe knee pain, an MRI revealed that I had a "significant incomplete tear"of my right patellar tendon.  Within 6 prolotherapy treatments and a few months of physiotherapy and rest.  I made a complete recovery and, within the a year I went on to achieve a personal best the dead lift of 565 pounds.  This past September I also hiked to 100 km La Cloche Silhouette Trail in Killarney Provincial Part in 22 hours with a 25 pound backpack.I went from barely been able to walk to 100% with the help of Dr. Bright and Prolotherapy.

Re:Prolotherapy and other treatments for various sports injuries

Dr. Bright came highly recommended following a series of injuries I acquired preceding running a marathon in January 2013.  I had persistent stress fractures in my right ankle around the medial malleolus and had been in a walking cast 4 weeks prior to the marathon, taking the cast off to compete on race day.  I was also running with a torn ACL.  I had been to many Doctors and pursued every possible treatment suggested, to no avail.  It was looking like my running days were over.   Following that marathon, I wore a cast for 8 weeks and enjoyed a complete running hiatus.  As a former National athlete in both summer and winter sports I was accustomed to a high level of training.  I am a Professional Fire Fighter and Stuntwoman in the television and film industry.  As an elite athlete and complete over achiever - I was not ready to hang up my shoes and have my athletic days behind me!!  I had heard of Dr. Bright’s progressive work from a fellow stuntwoman and was hopeful that he could help me.

I first met Dr. Bright in the fall of 2013 and quickly recognized this was a physician whose enthusiasm for sport, passion for medicine and commitment to successfully treating his patients was like no other Doctor I had ever encountered.  I met with him, and he fully examined me and we discussed all of my injuries.  I expressed that despite the severity of these injuries, I was hoping to continue training for the Las Vegas Marathon in November 2013.  Dr. Bright ordered an array of radiographic tests and an MRI of my knee.  He developed a comprehensive treatment plan.  He was not only highly committed to identifying my injuries and aggressively treating them, he was always concerned about how I was feeling about the injuries, my training and the entire treatment process. 

Dr. Bright practices the healing of people in complete totality.  He does not simply order a test, prescribe you a pill and check in eventually.  He is committed to providing the most cutting edge treatment, follows your injuries throughout the process and always takes the time to thoroughly discuss your entire continuum of care.

The MRI of my knee revealed significant damage to my ACL and extensive tearing of my MCL.  It revealed tenosynovitis and partial tearing of the Sartorius, Semimembranosis and Semitendinosis tendons.  Mild thinning of articular cartilage was seen in the medial compartment and edema was noted throughout the knee. 

My initial treatment consisted of Durolane injections into the Knee Joint.    For temporary pain relief, I had cortisone injections in both my knee and my previously injured ankle.  The cortisone would not play a role in my long range treatment plan, but served only to provide relatively immediate relief of acute pain.   Both initial treatments met the objective, and provided significant pain relief and improved joint function which allowed me to pound out 26.2 miles in a competitive environment. I experienced moderate post injection pain and tenderness for several days, however, was able to run the Las Vegas Marathon PAIN FREE.  Considering my injury complexity, I never imagined finishing.  I ran a competitive time and am currently less than 10 minutes off of Boston Qualifying time.  I was also able to complete some high falls and stair falls for some film work in the fall of 2013 - absolutely PAIN FREE.

I have continued to run and Dr. Bright suggested Prolotherapy as the next modicum of treatment for my knee.  Due to the extent of my injury, I am quickly running out of options that don’t involve a complete ACL reconstruction.  Prolotherapy has been shown to provide significant benefit and often result in complete healing of the tendons and ligaments involved.   

I have completed 3 Prolotherapy treatments and things are going well.  I am running short training distances with minimal pain.  I will continue to strength train and build upon my smaller runs.  I may have to complete a few more Prolotherapy sessions but anticipate a recovery free of pain and one that will allow me to be competitive in the marathon distances.  I have also returned to stunt training and fully anticipate that these injuries will not prohibit me from the aggressive stunt work the film industry often requires.

In November 2014, I competed in the Las Vegas Marathon and both qualified for the Boston marathon and placed 7th overall age group female and 54th overall female out of almost 3,000 women.  The elite level of success I have achieved at races amongst a richly talented, international pool of athletes most certainly is attributed to the continued dedication and care by Dr. Bright of my sports injuries and therapy needs.   

Dr. Bright has a tremendous kindness for his patients, isolating their injuries, developing the best treatment plan and seeing it through.  My life would not be what it is today without the dedication and professional passion of Dr. Bright.  He has committed himself and his resources to treating my injuries with a totality of care like no other Physician I have ever experienced.  My future looks bright and is surely filled with marathons, fighting fires and throwing myself out of windows - all thanks to Dr. Bright!

Victoria (Torey) Jones