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About Dr. Phillip A. Bright

Dr. Bright, Medical Doctor trained in England and a graduate of the University of Bristol. He has a background in General Practise but now has a focussed practise in Sports Medicine and Pain Management. He is Medical Director of and owns and operates Kinetics. He has considerable training and expertise in the area of orthopaedic medicine.  Orthopaedic medicine is not to be confused with orthopaedic surgery. Orthopaedic medicine encompasses many different therapeutic modalities intending to help and treat problems within the structural framework of the human body. This includes the bones, soft tissues (ligaments, tendons, muscles, and fascia), and the joints.  These structures are prone to mechanical dysfunctions which often produce the symptoms of pain, loss of movement, and restricted function.

The services of Dr. Bright are available on a consultation basis and will provide if requested any medical procedures deemed necessary. He has  a profound knowledge of many complimentary practices and has actively worked in the field of musculoskeletal medicine for many years. He has also integrated classical and anatomical acupuncture into his daily practice and provides prolotherapy on a regular basis.

His practise is based mainly on the non pharmacological management of medical problems. He has also developed a keen interest in Cosmetic Medicine where he utilises leading edge treatments such as Botox, Fillers and Meso-lipotherapy.